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Welcome to Online Pandit Booking website Bangalore

Who we are

We are set of pandits in bangalore chennai,coimbatore,hyderabad,vizag,hubli,mumbai,pune,navi mumbai and other parts of south india sending pandits for their home spirituals and pujas.we have specialized pandits for all languages from all parts of india and abroad.Pandit booking online is easy with us anytime.

We fix a suitable muhurtha date & arrange your puja in your home or corporate office etc.We list out all the services with amount also it shows our transparency. All the pandits in bangalore chennai and in other cities are well trained they can instruct you any languages known by you. Our pandits are very experienced in this field so no headache for clients they arrive on time and do homam or puja according to your time flexibility without skipping any step.

What is Puja?

Puja or poojan is a ritual practice performed by hindus to worship one or more deities.It is done by pandits who has skilled in Sanskrit languages and mastered in four Vedic scriptures like,Hindu rituals,Hindu law,religion,music.Pooja may be a temple ceremonies and annual festivels or family lifetime events such as new born baby,weddings,grah pravesh,naming ceremony etc.,

What onlinepurohit do?

Our online Pandit booking website is like banyan tree, means all kinds of purohits or priests or prohithars or pujari or pandits in bangalore available under single place for all your home and temple ceremony pujas.You can book a single pandit for home pujas or group of pandits  for temple ceremonies or annual events like lakshmi puja or durga puja etc., For north Indians it’s difficult to find hindi speaking north Indian pandits in bangalore or chennai or coimbatore. but under our onlinepurohit we have hindi pandits in bangalore,tamil prohithar in bangalore or mumbai,telugu pandit,marathi pandit,bihari pandit,english pandits or north indian pandit in Bangalore itself, and also we have Hindi pandits in chennai,bihari pandits in Bangalore, marathi pandit's in Bangalore, bengali pandit in Bangalore, kashmiri pandits in Bangalore.

Where we are?

We are available in the following south indian cities mainly our pandits are available in Bangalore,Coimbatore,Thane, Navi mumbai, Hyderabad,calicut, salem,mysore,mangalore,pune,mumbai,madurai,thiruvananthapuram,Visakhapatnam,kochi,vijayawada, and Chennai city.our pandit not only in south india, don’t be afraid Our services now available in available in USA, Chicago, Sydney,malaysia,singapore and hindu speaking countries.Our hindu Pandits or our team executives will give response within 6 hours of inquiry booking.and our pandits have passport,so will send our pandits to your countries in larger numbers,they are well experienced in travelling to other countries.

We not only available on above listed city’s we also available on worldwide means we are on internet 24/7 we provide E-services specially for Indians outside the India because they not able to book the purohit in right time.Under our online purohit website all the pandits are well educated and experienced in live chat homam and pujas,So no headache for clients.

Onlinepurohit advantages
  •  You can book your purohit online  for all of your home rituals or poojas or ceremonies at lowest price with different language pandits.
  • Our pandit booking operation team works in tech city of  bangalore,have no worry of technology and updation.
  • Our pandits are highly professional and dedicated to perform pujas or ceremonies on timely manner.
  • Will fix shubh muhurt dates and times of an event at free of cost.
  • we have different language speaking pandits in different cities.
  • Our pandits will give proper guidance from fixing date to end of the pooja.

Whys us ?

Our pandits are well trained and 5+ experienced in performing puja and homa rituals.Our pandits are highly professional and extremely dedicated to performing pujas and homa rituals in a timely manner.we follow all the vedic guidelines for worship a god.

We only bring all necessary items for homam/puja or else clients can arrange we don’t force you.
On time we will come and complete your pujas according to your flexibility.
And all kinds of puja & homam in affordable price.
We displayed amount for all services this shows our transparency.
Our services available 24/7.
All purohit’s can instruct through language known by clients.
• Within 24 hours we will responds to your request.
we have different types of pandits like north indian pandit, bihari pandit, marathi pandit, bengali pandit, kashmiri pandits, telugu pandits, tamil pandit etc.

Our Procedure:

Once customer gave a request to us our onlinepurohit.com website our team will confirm the request by a call or by text regarding time and date, after the confirmation of customer we will assign a accurate pandits according to your requirement it may be a single pandit to a home for a puja or else  bulk pandits for companies corporate puja.

List of homam/yagnas we do are

Ganapati homa
Gayatri homa
Durga homa
Aayushya homa
Kritya Pariharana
Lakshmi Kubera homa
Mrutyunjaya homa
Thila homa
Mangala Samskarana homa
Navagraha homa
Mahadevi homa
Sudarshana homa
Santhana Gopala homa
Viraja Homa
Vishwa Shanthi homa
Rudra homa
Dhanavantri homa
Vastu homa
Vidya homa
Chandi homa

List of puja’s we do are

Ganapathy Puja
Subramanya Puja
Maha Lakhmi Puja
Durga Puja
Saraswathi Puja
Kali Puja
Gayathri Puja
Shiva Shakti Puja
Nava graha Puja
Sarva Aishwarya Puja
Sathya narayana puja etc.

List of vartha we do are

varalakshmi vratham
kedareswara vratham
bheemeshwara vratha
gowri vratha
gayatri vratha
anantha padmanabha swamy vratha
pradosha vratham
mahalakshmi vratha etc.

for special ceremony

Engagement Ceremony (Nichayathartham)
Thread wearing Ceremony (Upanayanam)
Birthday Ceremony (janmadinam)
Akshara abhyaasam
Mundan Ceremony (Chudakarana)
First Food Eating Ceremony (Annaprashana)
Naming Ceremony (Naamakaranam)
Griha Pravesh
Baby Shower (Seemantham)
Ear Piercing (Karna Vedha)
Marriage (vivaha)
60th Birthday (Sashtiapthapoorthi)
70th Birthday (Bhima Ratha Shanthi)
80th Birthday (Sathabhishekam)

List of shanthi we do are

Navagraha shanthi.
Udaka shanthi
Vashtu shanthi etc.