What is homa

Homam is a sacred purifying ritual performed by hindhu pundits in temple, working places and homes by involving a sacred fire, AGNI god because Hinduism is well aware of the fact that the sun is the main source of energy and fire is the representation of Sun’s energy.

Why do we need to do Homam?

Homam is one of the powerful practices to worship the deities. This enables the inner peace of mind and vanishes negative vibration. The one who dedicates this practice to the God will lead happy life and peace in their family. And to accomplish goal of refreshing and protecting the inner self & environment, Hinduism has provide a major place to homam, Which is said to be formed by lord BRAMA for man’s livelihood & achievement of his desires.

Yajna is the alternate name for home rituals in Hinduism,it means larger public fire rituals or  goma in Buddhism.In modern period goma or homa tends to refer a private  ritual or  family rituals in symbolic way,such as ganapathy homam,griha pravesh,navagraha homa etc.,

As per ancient Hindu texts on homam, any offering of fire (Agni God) is actually an offering to the Sun. Offering such as ghee, honey, wood, rice, herbs, dry fruits etc are offered to the scared fire (Agni god) while reciting Sanskrit mantras. And it also scientifically proven that homam will make effect on both inner self and environment.

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