Aksharabhyasam samskara is the ceremony in which the child is thought with the knowledge of the letters by his/her dad or uncle. This the wonderful moment and it occurs only once in your child’s life. And more over it is our duty to perform such a great ceremonial function in a grand manner. For such a grand task just order the onlinepurohit package as our packages are the very low budget in the society. make sure to give your child the blessings of god with onlinepurohit.



Akshara Abhyaasam

A child is initiated with the educational knowledge only by the traditional ceremony of aksharabhyasam which is performed by all the hindu people.

At past, the aksharabhyasam is only performed for the children who reaches the age of five. But at present even a three year old or two year old children are being initiated with the educational knowledge because due to the early education level, the parents have no way and been forced to do so.

In Sanskrit, Aksharabhyasam means “letters practice”. The children are given initial practice of writing letters by the aksharabhyasam and it was the ceremony’s aim too.

In general people perform such ceremonies in the temple, but even at home you can perform such ceremonial activities with the guidance of onlinepurohit.

The nearby people and the relatives were invited for the ceremonial function and the child is used to sit in the lap of his/her dad or maternal uncle, for performing aksharabhyasam.

The child holds a plate or slate full of rice grains spread on it.

The slate of rice grain is given to the hands of the child and his/her dad or uncle holds his/her right hand and write the letters in the rice according with their religious language, the first word would be “om” or “om nama sivaya” and by this start, the ceremony begins.


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