Seemantham is not just a mutual ceremonial, It is the most devoted and the pleasing moment in everyone’s life. So performing baby shower rituals are very complicated thing. The purohits we offer you are the most dedicated scholars of Sanskrit. Our ceremonial package is the most low budget one when compared with the prohits you search in the society. So make this deliberating function in a grand manner and ensure the blessing of the god to the child by ordering onlinepurohit.



Baby Shower (Seemantham)

Seemantham is being celebrated as the grand welcome ceremony for the arrival of the baby and by then making his/her mother to feel complete in her life.

It is celebrated to grand the good wishes to the upcoming baby with the gifts and blessing the mother for her pregnancy and also giving advices about caring of a mother to her child.

Seemantham is being hosted to the mother by her parents, parents-in-law, friends, relatives, school mates and everyone who cares about her a lot.

During the seventh month of the pregnancy the parents of the mother come to their daughter’s house with the lots of sweats, gold ornaments, new garments and foods with a lot of love not only for their daughter but also for their son-in-law and for the lovely little sir/madam in the mother’s womb.

The deliberating day of happiest celebration is being arranged in the house of mom-to-be princess with their in-laws on a propitious day which is selected by the priest. The ceremony longs for more than a couple of hours by pronouncing mantras with the Homa by the purohit.

This is where the two families get together with a lot more sharing of love with each other and it is the wonderful moment of the unborn child’s mother and her parents and it is the lovely moment and also a great opportunity for them to take their daughter to them home for taking a good care about her and her child till delivery and they avail the happiness of taking care of their grandchild in their home for about forty days from the delivery date.


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