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The first birthday of the baby is the wonderful and the delightful moment for the parents. Thus by performing a birthday ceremony, the child’s life is ensured to live with happy and he/she is wholly free from his/her ’s pre-birth. As we offer you the great priest at a very low cost to perform the rituals for your baby. Order the online prohit and give your baby the blessings of our lord and make he/she happy throughout his/her ‘s life.



The birthday ceremony or Ayushya homam

Performing the first birthday ceremony is a very important thing the life of the child. It is usually celebrated in the first year of the birth of the baby on accordance with the same birth star in which he/she is born in the same year of birth.

The main reason to perform this birthday ceremony is that to remove the early birth sins and the contacts the baby held with the early birth. It also intends on clearing the various sins and such things completely from the  body. For that, the priests uses the kinds of sticks that will evaporate such things from the body and by removing poorva jenma sins and the baby is free from sins and made free to live his/her life at present.

After that the prayers of the ayushyahomam are being started. The ritual includes the three priests who pronounces the spells with the great devotion to awake the brahma devar and by giving the child, the wishes of god and also the further blessing from his birth natchathiram and the baby’s kula deivam.

The priests conduct the homam with the holy fire and thus by treating the god in the special way by means to get blessings for the child and so the priests are seated towards the east direction where the Agni is in the middle and the child facing towards west, thus by considering the baby is also a gods reflection.


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