The most complicating moment in a parent’s life is the ear piercing. As seeing their baby crying in the pain when his/ her ears pinned with pin is not easy.  The pleasant moment is wholly filled with happiness in face and tears in the eyes. So make the karnavedha sanskar a great ceremonial ritual with the onlinepurohit. As you may never expect such a great scholars and experienced purohits around with such a very low cost. Order our package and make the lovely moment in a great traditional way.



Ear piercing – Karna vedha

The karna vedha sanskar is a very important religious festival which is performed by each and every hindu.

For receiving sacred sounds, the child’s interior ears are intended to be open through the ear piercing. Karna vedha has a profound spiritual and emblematic implication.

There is a sacred belief that by hearing sacred sounds for a child will make him/her free from the sin and their spirit get nurtures.

 Karna vedha is applied for females and also as a parallel to boys in their odd years of age, mostly during the sixth month or seventh.

For a girl, at first the left ear is pierced and for a boy is the right ear.

A propitious day and a promising time is chosen for the execution of the karna vedha sanskar.

The ceremony is done during the early morning with the  great blessings of the sun with such a suspicious prayer and a great special puja.

The baby is made to sit in the lap of his/her uncle and even it can be a grandfather is there is no such uncle. After then the man who pierce the ears will come and sit in front of the child and then he further marks the points for piercing in the both ear lobes of the baby.

The man then with the approval of the purohit pierce the ear lobes with the needle made of pure gold and then the ear rings are been offered to the child.

Though it is a lovely moment for every one and behind all these happiness it is the most painful moment for the parents to watch their baby crying.

It is a lot more painful to see the child crying while stinging his/her ears with the pin. Beyond every thing the faces are filled with happiness and the eyes are with tears.

It is wonderful moment to watch the ceremony and it bring pleasant.


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