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The most wondering moment in the life of bride and groom was the one that is engagement. It is the moment in which they are announced as the actual bride and groom. The lovely moment must be filled with the great blessing of elders and most of all our lord. So performing ceremonial rituals is very important. That’s why onlinepurohit is here to offer purohits with the very low budget. So order online with onlinepurohit and gift your children with blessings of god.



Engagement Ceremony

The ceremonies in the event of marriage of Indian culture are very tremendous and our ceremonies and happiness of celebration are untouchable.

As more to say is that though in today’s modern life we the people still follow the traditional; ceremonies in count of numerous on accordance with our Vedas.

The engagement ceremony is the one which is known as the ring ceremony. It is one of the beautiful ceremony ion one’s life as it is the initial of the be loving marriage for a bride and groom.

The engagement is known in the name of ring ceremony because it is the act of exchanging rings between the bride and the groom and by this only act the life of bride and groom are hooked with each other. It is also considered as the completion half marriage.

The ceremony is well accompanied with the sweats and snacks and both the families unites and celebrate together with the gifts which they exchange with themselves to ensure the bond of love. This act is also known in the name of the Havan. And further, the engagement is accompanied with the small dining party.

An another ritual which is followed by haven is the Sagai ceremony. In this act, the parents of the bride gifts her with the lots of ornaments, garments, home decors, etc., with great love and by the way the Tilak is applied to the groom and he too further gifted by them.

This is the lovely moment in which the name of groom and bride are pronounced and the date of wedding is fixed and it is being confirmed by the elders with the great blessings of them.


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