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Agni is the prime witness for a Hindu wedding.

Vagdana, the inscribed announcement is the important pre-marriage ceremonies (engagement).

AbhishekAnna PrashashanAashirvadah, and Grihapravesa are the next important wedding celebrations.

Brahma marriage is the most prevalent type of wedding among the hindus, today. It is also deliberated as the devotedly most apposite marriage, where the father intends the marriage of his daughter to the one he chooses.

The families, bride and groom  are gladly concurred  with the bid. The two families and relatives light cheeriness, the bride is majestically decorated, the father aids away his daughter in promise, and a Vedic bridal rite is conducted.

Some of bridal rituals


  • The Kanyadaan is the most sentimental and the heart touching ceremony of giving away of daughter which is precisely executed by her dad or her guardian who is chosen by bride.
  • The girl’s father bring the bride and groom together and then precisely takes the hand of the bride and then hand overs to the hands of the groom.
  • By this action of reception, the bridal rite is being started and it’s the ritual in which the groom takes the hand of the bride (Panigrahana).


  • The most vital ceremonial is Saptapadi (the seven step ceremonial).
  • The every step resembles to a vow bride makes to groom, and the groom to bride. The oaths are supposed in Sanskrit.
  • After the seven oaths, subsequently, the bride and groom complete the procedural of Agnipradakshinam.
  • The bride and groom, with their garments tied together, walk around the fire. In the walk, the bride is typically lead by the groom.
  • As Agni is the prime witness for a Hindu wedding.The couple are deliberated as the true husband and wife, only after the saptapadi is done.


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