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The yajnopaveet determines the symbol of purity in one’s heart and making him the one who pledges himself to do the only good things in his life. It makes strong his determination, confident and commitments and more over it makes him as tolerating spirit. As inn Brahmin’s life it is the most important sacred thing. The purohit service we issue you are the great devotees of god with the great knowledge of sankrit. Our service is very cheap in cost on comparison with others. So click order now and make your ritual with great progression and devotion.



Thread wearing  Ceremony

The thread wearing ceremony or the yajnopaveetham for a Brahmin +is the significance of the one’s pure heart and devoted love to god and thus by making sure the ability to pronounce sandhyavandhanam and gayathri manthram.

But even though there are many restrictions on wear the sacred thread. The married man with child are ones allowed wear three threads and by the way the married man is allowed to wear two threads and for a bachelor, he is only allowed to wear only one thread.

The sacred white thread yajnopaveet is a thin thread made of cotton. Wearing such a great sacred thread is the symbol of pledging a taking certain vows to do only the good and love. The yajnopaveet is ritualized with each three vows with it and it includes,

  • Dedication or devotion on accordance to his teacher (guru).
  • Devotion to his parents and forefathers and as well his elders.
  • Devotion towards the sacred priests (rishi).

The actual yajnopaveet must be equal to the average length of the body of the one who wears it and as to do so the height of the yajnopavvet is equal to the ninty nine times of the one’s fore finger.

As the wearing ceremony initiates from the left shoulder as it is being considered as the base of pillar of our burden and by then it is passed through the chest by making it forward to heart beat by making sure that heart is the decision point and by ending on the back as it  is the significance for confident.


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